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Q: Are your products non toxic?

A: Yes, we do not sell any products which are considered toxic. All products we sell have Material Data Safety Information we ask you print out and read.

Q: Do you have any stores or other web sites selling these products?

A: We are the only company selling these unique kits and products at www.cleaningdetective.com www.blacklightworld.com & www.germjuice.com

Q: What is Cleaning Detective Hand Washing Lotion?

A: Safe non toxic cosmetically approved lotion to teach proper hand washing training. Highly black light reactive and invisible with out the use of a black light. Can be used for hand washing, bio hazard training, hard surface cleaning training. Virtually unlimited uses for cleaning training.

Q: What is Cleaning Detection Powder?

A: A phosphorescent powder that is highly reactive to long wave black light or also known as uv light. Non toxic cosmetically approved safe.

Q: What is Cleaning Detection Bio Germ Powder?

A: I white finely milled cosmetically safe fluorescent glowing powder reactive to black light only. Used as a dry hand washing alternative to lotion training methods. Also can be used for cleaning inspections for hard surface, carpets, etc.

Q: What is Detection Gel? A: Totally invisible petroleum safe phosphorescent gel that glows under long wave black light. Best applied to non porous surfaces easily removed with a damp cloth. Non toxic cosmetically approved safe. Glows in the dark after energized with black light.

Q: What is Detection Germ Splatter?

A: Invisible clear liquid which simulates the presence of simulated germs. Intended for hard surfaces and can be used on bedding to assure bedding sheets, and pillow cases have been changed. Spray on method or apply to your own specifications. Glows under black light and in the dark after energized with black light or white light.

Q: Why are black lights used in cleaning?

A: Our long wave black lights are not only necessary in revealing our products they are also necessary and a valuable tool in detecting human & animal body fluids such as urine, saliva, blood, feces, etc,.

Q: How can you tell if human or pet body fluids are on sheets and pillow cases, carpets, or surfaces?

A: You can't tell unless using a black light. Most are totally invisible.

Q: Why is the term 'Nanometer" or nm used in describing our black lights?

A: A real black light bulb or tube emits 350nm + using gases in the bulb. A LED black light flashlight made to mimic a true black light bulb or tube must emit the correct wave length to correctly view body fluids. 385nm is ideal although the lower the number to 350nm the better the stain is seen. 385nm is cost effective compared to a 365nm LED "Light Emiting Diode" which is much more expensive and not necessary as the 385nm we find to be ideal. Most dealers sell high end 395nm-400+nm because the cost is cheaper however its difficult to see and reveal human and animal body fluids.

Q: Does your detection powder, gel or cream react like body fluids?

A: Yes. It can be used in several ways making invisible marks on non porous hard surfaces and on fabric used in the textile industry. Its use is up to the user. We imply no specific methods. Not a fluorescent product but phosphorescent. Glows after exposed to black light.

Q: How is Detection Powder applied?

A: Powder easily seen with a black light. Only a small amount is needed. Can be seen using any long wave black light. Glows in the dark after energized with Black Light.

Q: We need refills for kits we purchased?

A: Click on refill supplies section to buy items individually.

Q: I still have further question to ask, how can I reach your company?

A: For all questions we ask you e-mail us and we will respond back during normal business hours. E-mail us at service@cleaningdetective.com or see our contact us section.

Q: What is the shelve life of your products?

A: Our products have a 2 year shelf life and beyond if products are not in stored in direct sun light and in a cool temperature of about 70 degrees.

Q: What is Germ Cream?

A: A fluorescent glowing black light reactive cream used primarily for hand washing training. Can also be used on hard surfaces and even bedding linens.

Q: What is a Germ Dauber?

A: Invisible clear liquid which simulates the presence of simulated germs. Intended for hard surfaces and can be used on bedding to assure bedding sheets, and pillow cases have been changed. Apply to your own cleaning training or inspection specifications. Glows under black light & in the dark after energized with black light.

NOTE: All of our products glow in the dark after exposure to a direct beam of light either black light or a traditional flashlight making them covert and undetectable with exception to our Germ Writer Marker which is seen only with a long wave black light. Our products not only glow in the dark but can be seen under black light. Black light while not specifically needed for use with our Gel, Powder, & Germ Splatter is however essential to viewing body fluids which makes use of a black light a vital and necessary cleaning tool. An absolute must in proper cleaning techniques. Literally endless uses for these products with no specific implied technique for use is suggested. Create your own application for using our kit. Cleaning Detective® is a registered trademark and does not imply our products are intended just for cleaning however our products have unlimited uses for unlimited applications. It is the user's responsibility to determine the safety, toxicity and suitability of his own use, handling and disposal of the product, Additional product literature may be available upon request. Disclaimer: These products are simply teaching tools to teach awareness and promote proper cleaning, hand washing, hygiene, and cross contamination. By no means does the use of these products guarantee that hands or any surfaces are clean or sanitary. They are not cleaning products but cleaning teaching tools. It is up to the instructor or user to implement the cleaning procedures they see fit and follow CDC and similar recommendations by governing bodies. We are distributors of these products and the information provided for the products on our site has been provided by the manufacturers.